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About Claire

Claire Barrett is professional photographer and stylist.

Originally from England, and after 20 years in California, she now calls Savannah, GA, home.

Her editorial-minded photography workshops focus on exploring the landscape, taking in all the magical sights and scents...gathering and styling ..…helping you to tell the stories of food, environment and lifestyle in a beautiful place that inspires you and awakens your imagination and creativity. Try new things, experiment….come away invigorated with a new sense of purpose and re-newed confidence.


“I’m a visual storyteller, I like images that evoke feelings, a sense of place and curiosity about who might have just stepped out of the frame.

I like to find beauty and poetry in all the small details and rituals of slower-paced life.

A shaft of light falling onto love-worn armchair.

The same old spoon beside the sugar bowl.

Dew lingering on a spider’s web.

The gentle wilt of flowers left too long in the vase.

The comforting routine of setting the table.

Insects buzzing over ripened fruit fallen from the tree.

The love and care invested when we create a nest for ourselves and those we love. "



Her clients include Veuve Clicquot, Jack Daniels, Chanel, Hennessy, Elizabeth Arden, Moet & Chandon, Grand Marnier, Dom Perignon, Stolichnaya

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